Is CrossFit for you?

Is CrossFit for you?

The people who brought CrossFit out of obscurity are hardcore

According to The Huffington Post, “the very first CrossFit workouts were for the sheriff’s department in Santa Cruz.” Since its inception, the workout has been popular among other police departments, fire departments and military personnel. This hardcore fan base is attractive to some, but not everyone’s looking to trade in their treadmill for bootcamp. Add to the mix the posted results that some gyms put up for all members to see—the competitive edge is great for some but too intimidating for others.

They plan your workout

CrossFit gyms post a work out of the day (WOD). The plan posted is what everyone will be doing, and that can be a huge relief if you hate coming up with your own plan. But some people really like doing their own thing and those looking to improve in a specific area might find that the WODs aren’t stressing those goals enough. CrossFit has been advertised as a way to improve in all areas but frankly trying to get the best of everything usually leads to sacrifices.

Its group fitness

It may not be like any other class you’ve ever attended but it is done in a group. While some people find their strength in numbers, others find better results when plugging their headphones in and tuning the rest of the world out. If you prefer sweating solo, CrossFit might not be the workout for you.

Two words: “fitness cult”

That’s what people are saying about the following and dedication that CrossFit has garnered. On one hand that’s a great sign and a big credit to the trend, but that doesn’t automatically mean everyone should join in sipping the Kool Aid. Those who are crazy passionate cite its tight knit community as one of the reasons for its success. The close group of fitness buds at your local CrossFit gym could be an added bonus or a deterrent depending on who you are and your fitness routine preferences.

Personal attention without a personal trainer

Any good CrossFit gym has certified staff on hand and involved in each and every session. They also have beginners enroll in an “on-ramp” course which is an introduction to the basic moves and how to do them correctly. The expert staff is extremely important and something you need to find if you’re going to participate in CrossFit. Going it alone is unsafe.

It is effective and efficient

What more could you want, right? Sure, in our jam-packed schedules making the most of our time is imperative, but for some people their workout is their only personal time. It’s a time to relax and get away from it all. In cases like these, quicker isn’t always better. We wouldn’t give up our long weekend runs for anything! But there’s no reason we can’t find a balance, after all CrossFit is a great addition for runners.

It’s expensive

Simply put the extra personal attention and rigorous sets will cost you. In our research, we have yet to come across a membership that costs less than $200 a month, unless you want to sign for an extended contract, in which case you might safe $20 or $40 a year. Price is a factor, especially when you can score a Planet Fitness membership for just $10 a month. You need to decide what you can spend and if it’s worth it for you.