The Creepiest Parka Ever?

Si Chan’s “Hug Me” collection is warm, fuzzy and REALLY weird

Three weird parkas, weird shoes not included. (Sarah Pista)

Lift lines are the red carpets of resort fashion, where the brightest, most garish funkiest fashions separate the cool kids from the flunkies. Baggy skate- and snowboard-influenced styles have given way to (once again) 1980s neon one-pieces, trucker fashion and "hat-imals." Now, we introduce you to these, quite possibly the creepiest parkas ever created

Granted, that’s not what London College of Fashion student Si Chan intended with his “Hug Me” concept collection. The six fall/winter coats were designed to express the disconnect between people and his own experience of loneliness. Chan says he wants the coats to make people feel hugged and warm, which is great because it will probably be hard to get anyone to touch if you wear one of these Frankenstein's creations on the après scene. As for performance, we haven't been able to find stats on insulation or materials (but we're gunning for test samples, if you're reading this, Chan), so it's probably best to stick to tried and true gear when you hit the slopes this winter.

Three more crazy parkas (Sarah Pista)