Creative Ways to Take Your Summer Workout Routine to the Next Level

Fitness experts share fun and inspiring ways to amp up the intensity of your workouts this summer

For a handful of different reasons, many of us treat summer as a sort of peak time for training. For some it’s that age old notion of “getting in shape for summer” and we’re motivated by wanting to look and feel our best.

For others, it’s the extra daylight hours and the warm, sunny weather that leads to more time spent being active outside.

Whatever your reason, the summer season is arguably the best time to step your workout routine up a notch or two—and the best part is, there are so many different ways to amp up the intensity.

We consulted a handful of top fitness experts to find out the best and most effective ways to make your workouts more powerful and fun this summer. Here’s what they had to say.

Plan It Out

Plain and simple: if you want to stay on track and see results, no matter what your goal is, you absolutely need a solid plan. “If you do not write out a program for this summer and just try to wing it every time you get to the gym it is not going to work,” says Ben Boudro director of strength and conditioning at Xceleration Sports in New York. “There are so many things that can pull you away from workouts during the summer. Your friends will invite you out on the boat, you will have Fourth of July parties or golfing, baseball, concerts—it’s tough to stay consistent.”

Own Your Plan

Once your plan is in place, Boudro says you must commit to it. To do so, he says, you need responsibility, mastery and a “why.” Responsibility will help keep you accountable and dedicated towards your goals; mastery, like aiming to perfect your squat form or increasing your running pace, will help keep you motivated and focused; and your “why” will serve as your biggest source of motivation. “Remind yourself of your goals and why you started,” Boudro explained. “Always use that to stay laser focused on your mission.”

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