Couples Who Run Together May Have More Sex

Poll asks running partners whether they get more intimate

It must be all in the chase. What begins as an innocent run evolves over the miles, feelings build and, once they arrive home, the real fun begins as the running shoes are only the first thing to come off. Or so they say.

A study released by Brooks running shoe company shows that the majority of runners think running with their partner leads to more sex. The company had Wakefield Research do the polling for their annual Brooks Run Happy Nation Report. The researchers asked 1,000 runners, ages 18 and older, about their running habits. The study found that about 66 percent of runners said they think running leads to more sex. By gender, around 71 percent of men and approximately 62 percent of the women they polled agreed with this statement.

Interesting finding for a company that sells running gear, right? However, the company and the runners they polled may be onto something.

A so-called "runner's high" is the result of the brain releasing the feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine—the same ones that are triggered during sex. So, for the brain, at least, running has some similarities to sex. The poll also seems to back up previous studies that have shown working out improves sex quality and frequency for both men and women.

Let’s remember, thought, that this study has its limits. The researchers only polled runners, and it was based on what they think happens. Still, it never hurts to be more active (in both ways). We don't know about you, but we'll be giving our partners the hard sell on running from here on out.