Could this Safe Bike Inspire Drivers to Become Cyclists?

This invention might make cyclists safer, but would you ride it?
Babel Bike

It’s a sad world we live in when cyclists can’t ride around a city without the thought of possibly being hit by a distracted driver in the back of their minds. The thought may not keep dedicated cyclists and bike commuters off the roads, but there’s no denying that the fear of injury does keep some from hitting city streets on two wheels.

Dozens of people have proposed safety measures, most of which place the burden of safety on the cyclist and, understandably, bikers usually aren’t excited about trying to protect themselves from cars. While this safe bike may not change that, it could provide extra protection and possibly even convert some drivers to cyclists. Inventor Crispin Sinclair said that’s exactly what he hopes to do.

“Our dream is to put a million more cyclists on our roads, and therefore take a million cars off them, and to do that we need to give cyclists their safety back,” said Sinclair in a press release. “As a recent report put it ‘If we can tackle the safety issue, we could open the floodgates to a new era of mass cycling participation.”

In an effort to open those flood gates, Sinclair invented the Babel Bike. Made with a safety cage, the Babel Bike keeps bikers from being run over by trucks and cars, which is the single biggest killer of cyclists at intersections.

The bike comes equipped with an optional electric motor, lights, a horn and a repair kit inside the frame for convenience. Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, these bikes are sure to stir some conflict, along with some praise. The bottom line is that cyclists shouldn’t be the ones responsible for protecting themselves from careless drivers, but as it stands now they are the ones that are forced to take measures to protect themselves.

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