Could this Health Tracker Actually Stop You from Stressing?

The Spire tracker measures your breathing and then helps you de-stress

There are trackers that measure everything from our steps to our heartrate and the measures of fitness certainly don’t stop there. Today’s trackers analyze, manage and make suggestions on our health and fitness, but what about our mental wellbeing?

We know that stress is a major problem, making us more susceptible to disease and leading to weight gain, but there hasn’t been much thoughtful technology designed to track and eliminate stress—until now.

Spire is a tracker, and yes it measures calories and steps, but most importantly it keeps track of your breathing and notifies you when you start to tense up. The idea behind Spire is to help you be mindful of your stress levels and then to help you relax and refocus.

There are alerts you can turn on and off that send a signal to your phone when you start breathing rapidly—the app then guides you through breathing exercises to help you decompress and get back to feeling more relaxed.

We haven’t tried the tracker yet, but the reviews look promising. In a world that can be so incredibly stressful, maybe a tracker can help you manage.