Could this Bracelet Protect You from Sunburn?

Wearable tech has come a long way, now helping protect skin from overexposure

As you head to the beach and hit the water this summer, chances are you’ll remember to bring along some sunscreen. Afterall, especially for these day-long occasions, you’ve heard it a thousand times—don’t go without sun protection.

But what about the cloudy days? Or those times you’re just going out for a run?

Despite the fact that we know we need to protect our skin, studies show many people still fail to use sunscreen on a regular basis. It’s not a failure of education, so much as a lack of real-time information—at least that’s what the makers of JUNE think.

JUNE is a wearable tech gadget, but instead of measuring steps or calories, it measures your exposure to the sun. The device houses UV sensors in a jewelery enclosure that slips easily onto your wrist. The device pairs with an app to remind you of the UV index, give you personalized recommendations about sun exposure and it even pushes notifications about when to put on sunscreen or sunglasses. The device reportely lasts up to a month before it needs a recharge, via USB and it sells for $129.

So, are personalized notifications via our phones the answer to our sunburn problems?

Potentially. Testers who have worn JUNE said it certainly made them more aware of their over exposure to the sun and how much sunscreen they should be using, but ultimatelty the device itself won’t help unless you’re prepared to take steps to protect your skin. Two of the very best things you can do are finding a great sunscreen that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients (and actually wearing it) and not relying on sunscreen as your only defense from sun exposure.

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