Could This App Free You from Gym Memberships Forever?

Gymsurfing offers a convenient way to search for nearby gyms and buy day passes

Whether you frequent fitness centers year-round or only use gyms to wait out the winter, you probably have a few complaints. Sure, they’re useful workout havens, but even the best gyms aren’t perfect; inadequate parking, gym-goers that have no idea about gym etiquette and binding contracts are some of our least favorite features. While there’s no immediate solution to the first two issues, a new App called Gymsurfing may offer an alternative to a traditional contract.

Most fitness centers offer day passes, but they don’t usually advertise them (or the price) and just locating gyms can be a hassle when you’re far from home. Gymsurfing is a free App for iPhones that will locate nearby gyms and let you know their hours, exactly where they are and the price of a day pass. You can purchase the pass from the App and bring your phone along for entrance to the gym.

Day passes on the App start at just $5 and cap off about $20, but there are many options for less than $10. In it’s early stages, Gymsurfing is in the process of adding gyms and locations, but right now they have options in nine U.S. cities and one Canadian city—Toronto.

The App could be useful for people who don’t like the idea of being locked into a pricey contract, or those who travel. With the addition of locations and a wider variety of fitness centers, this App could become a great way to add variety to your workouts.

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