Palawan, Philippines from Thrilling Adventure Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Thrilling Adventure Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Photo Modified: Flickr / mendhak / CC BY-SA 4.0

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Palawan, Philippines

If you’re looking for a mixture of adventure and tranquility you have found your destination! Palawan is full of amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a vast marine life. If you travel to the Philippines, you must take the Tao Expeditions (5 days, 4 nights). explains, “Tao Philippines Expedition is a social enterprise founded by Eddie Agamos Brock and Jack Foottit that immerses participants in the authentic Filipino island life while, at the same time, helping the remote island communities of Northern Palawan.”  Don’t pass up this trip of a lifetime!  Check out this amazing island with your significant other, go with a group of friends, or join other people from all over the word and explore together.


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