Indoor Workouts for Winter from 8 Indoor Workouts for Winter

8 Indoor Workouts for Winter

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Indoor Workouts for Winter

We understand that freezing temperatures and snow storms tend to put a damper on your motivation. It's not easy to get your butt off the couch when you have the choice between cuddling underneath a cozy blanket or bundling up and heading to the gym. "Nothing lasts forever and that includes motivation," says Courtney L. Alexander, founder of Flaunt Your Fitness and a personal trainer who, among other things, specializes in strength and endurance training, weight loss, and core training. "There will be times when you will need to re-spark that desire to work out, particularly during the winter months when the cold and sometimes snowy weather can be a deterrent."

One of the best ways to reignite your motivation is to make sure that your work outs are easily accessible. The less obstacles you have to face—like bundling up to brace the cold or scraping ice off of your car—the more likely you'll be to work out. So, on the those days when a winter storm hits or it's just too cold to even think about going back outside, try these at home workout ideas instead.


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