1. Corbet’s Couloir from The Most Dangerous Ski Runs in the World

The Most Dangerous Ski Runs in the World

Photo Modified: Flickr / Roderick Eime / CC BY 4.0

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1. Corbet’s Couloir

Location: Jackson Hole Mountain, Wyoming

Ski down Corbet’s Couloir but make sure to avoid the rocks! According to Forbes, “the run is named for Barry Corbet, a mountaineer who in 1960 spotted a narrow crease of snow shaped like an upside-down funnel, high up on the mountain now known as Jackson Hole. Said he: ‘Someday someone will ski that." Eventually, somebody did. They entered the free fall and dropped onto the 55-degree slope. For those of you unwilling to attempt Corbet’s Couloir, there is an area for you to stand and watch the risk takers.




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