The Most Dangerous Legal Drugs from The Most Dangerous Legal Drugs

The Most Dangerous Legal Drugs


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The Most Dangerous Legal Drugs

Laws are meant to protect society, but they are not flawless. A war on drugs has been ongoing for decades, and those fighting it can often look no farther than the local pharmacy. Most drugs are manufactured to treat illnesses and help people lead healthier lives. Pharmacy and drug store sales in the U.S. jumped from $78 billion in 1992 to $251 billion in 2014. Medications are often prescribed to ease pain and alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions. But many people don’t know how really dangerous an over the counter medicine, such as Tylenol, can be. It’s very easy to take too much because it’s present in many other drugs for which you don’t need a prescription, Dr. Scott R. Drab from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, says.


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