Jump Start Your Summer Diet from Jump Start Your Summer Diet with These Easy 20 Weight Loss Tips

Jump Start Your Summer Diet with These Easy 20 Weight Loss Tips

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Jump Start Your Summer Diet

No more excuses. If you want to have a better beach body this summer, now’s the time to start working toward your goal. The only way to tone your body and keep the pounds off is by forming new healthy habits.

What people find most difficult when they set out to lose weight is the expectation of a quick fix, according to Angela Martindale, a celebrity nutritionist, fitness trainer, and Utah’s number one wellness coach. “Understanding that dedication and commitment to the process takes time and staying committed is often the biggest hurdle,” she says.

The first thing Martindale tells clients is that they need to commit. “Commit to a realistic goal, commit to the hard work it takes and commit to not giving up when it gets hard.”

Planning is important and the first week of a weight-loss program, which can be described as the most difficult, should be structured but incorporate healthy behaviors, Dr. Adams says. “I like my clients to gain momentum and confidence, so often the focus in the first few weeks is on regular eating, recognizing hunger, and maintaining minimum levels of activity daily.” If too much is expected in the beginning, a sense of having to be perfect will develop, and this always leads to failure, he adds. “Weight loss programs aren’t about being perfect; they are about being consistent.”



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