Jaw-dropping Photos of the Most Spectacular Pools in the World

Jaw-dropping Photos of the Most Spectacular Pools in the World


Jaw-dropping Photos of the Most Spectacular Pools in the World


Active people don’t lack opportunities to go on vacation and maintaining their fitness level because hotels have gyms and swimming pools. The challenge is spending time, during which you can be having fun, running on a treadmill or doing laps starting at a black line. Swimming is fun. But swimming in a comfortably warm pool as you look at the soaring and snow-covered Swiss Alps or in one that appears to float in space is unforgettable. Even though such pools are simply amenities in a resort, they are often the reason why people book it.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

This pool is the second biggest pool on Earth. The pool is 3,323 feet long, covering 20 acres. It contains about 66 million gallons of seawater which comes from the Pacific Ocean, and is filtered and treated. The pool reaches a maximum depth of 11.5 feet.

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CityStars pool in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

The largest pool in the world is also environmentally friendly, according to Weather.com. Chile-based company Crystal Lagoons says its technology is being used for the first time for the dual purposes of recreation and water desalination in 12 lagoons. The record-breaking lagoon is 30 acres of crystal-clear water surrounded by white sandy beaches.

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Rooftop, Santorini Island, Greece


Imagine relaxing in a pool on top of a building with a drink in hand, staring into the sunset with nothing but an endless sky, the sea and a lavish forest on the horizon…Santorini is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, about 120 miles from Greece. It is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the country and definitely a bucket list destination. There are many hotels with stunning infinity pools on the island.

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Leela Kovalam, India


Leela Kovalam is India’s only cliff-top beach resort. So, of course there is going to be a pool on top of it and the views will be absolutely breathtaking. It created an illusion that it blends into the ocean. The best part, may just be that the pool is open 24/7, so guests can enjoy superb views of the Arabian Sea anytime they wish.

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Hotel Caruso, Italy

This 11th century palace set on cliffs above the Amalfi Coast is rich in history, art and amazing views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Float at the edge of the gently heated infinity pool, high above of the town of Ravello, and soak up the unobstructed view of the coastline.

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The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Set in Udaipur on the bank of Lake Pichola, this palatial resort affords every guest the chance to live like a king. The 50-acre property features a wildlife sanctuary, pristine gardens and only 87 total rooms and suites. Each of the outdoor pools has fantastic views, perfect temperate water and a relaxing atmosphere.

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Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali

Twin level cascading infinity pools suspended above a tropical rainforest are just the beginning at this award-winning resort in Bali—each of the 38 private villas and suites features its own granite-lined infinity pool, as well. It is very popular among photographers and is often used for wedding ceremonies.

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Paresa Phuket, Thailand

Staying in a spacious room with a private infinity pool overlooking the ocean is an ideal way to relax after an adventurous day in Thailand. Rooms at the Paresa Phuket face the Andaman Sea with 40 feet overflowing infinity pools.

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The Cambrian, Switzerland

You can go skiing in the middle of winter in Switzerland, swim outside and never be cold. The outdoor thermal pool looks like it’s flowing over its own edge,  leading swimmers straight into the soaring mountains in the background. Located deep in a valley in the Swiss Alps, The Cambrian has one of the world's most spectacular landscapes.

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Alila Uluwatu, Indonesia

The view is nothing short of picture-perfect. You’re looking over a cliff toward the south of Bali. Enjoy pure relaxation in luxurious comfort, surrounded by Bali's splendor and tranquility. The villas have private pools and they are spotless and gorgeous.

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Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore


You can float in the largest rooftop infinity pool as you gaze at the beautiful skyline of the city-state from 57 levels above. Few other places can compete for the best spot to take breathtaking photos. This is the world's largest outdoor pool at the height of almost 500 feet. 

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Chongwe River House, Zambia

You’re basically on a private safari holiday. Located in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Chongwe River House is unique. It has an award-winning safari design – it’s a stunning private house about half a mile away from Chongwe River Camp. You may be in the pool and elephants can keep you company as they pass by and go in the river to bathe and drink.

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Velassaru Resort, Maldives

Whether you’re staying in a villa, lagoon or bungalow, you’ll be surrounded by water and have a pool. The spa consists of overwater treatment pavilions set on stilts offering classic therapies designed to revitalize and soothe, while you soak in uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Maldivian seascape.

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Giola Lagoon on Thassos, Greece


Giola, a natural lagoon carved in the rocks on the Island of Thassos near the village Astris, is perfect if you’re looking for privacy, warm and clean sea water. The lagoon is roughly 65 by 50 feet. The rocks reach up to 27 feet in height – enough for basic acrobatic cliff diving.

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Le Crans, Switzerland

There is no need to stay in your room. Make the most of your stay in the heart of the Swiss Alps by relaxing in the heated outdoor pool overlooking outstanding views of the mountain. The clear panoramas of the Valais peaks are an invitation to serenity.

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland


The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous attractions in the world. The blue waters hover between 98 and 104 degrees. People from near and far flock there for the water’s purported therapeutic benefits on the skin. The combination of silica, algae and minerals help exfoliate and reduce inflammation so well that there’s actually a line of skin care products made from the water.

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