The Best Protein Snacks from The Best Protein Snacks

The Best Protein Snacks


The Best Protein Snacks


Protein is essential to consume in order to maintain energy and keep the body going. It is used to help develop and maintain almost every part of the body. It makes hormones and enzymes, while also helping keep your muscles, bones, blood, and hair and nails healthy.

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It has been shown that consuming protein before exercise and within 30 minutes of finishing your workout will help with growth and recovery

Consuming snacks rich in protein will help build lean muscle, curb hunger, reduce muscle loss, maintain a healthy weight, and speed up recovery after exercise, according to Detour.

If your body is lacking protein you may suffer from fatigue, poor concentration, low immunity and a slower metabolism.

Daiya- Greek Yogurt

Running out the door in a hurry? Start your morning with Daiya’s Strawberry Greek Yogurt. It is made from a signature blend featuring coconut and pea protein, and it’s bursting with real fruit. One serving has 8g of protein, 3g of dietary fiber and only 150 calories. It is also available in peach, black cherry and blueberry flavors.

Perfect Bar- Protein Bar

With healthy fat from nut butters and a hefty dose of satiating protein, Perfect Bars make a great snack, small meal replacement or post-workout supplement. Each bar is loaded with up to 17g of protein, contains more than 20 superfoods, has zero GMOs or preservatives, and is 100% gluten-free.

Health Warrior- Superfood Protein Bars

Health Warrior’s Superfood Protein Bars contain 10g of clean plant-based protein, made from a proprietary blend of chia, quinoa, peas and oats that deliver a healthy dose of omega-3s and fiber. Containing no soy or whey and half the sugar of many protein bars, this is a Superfood Protein Bar for a super you.

Beanitos- Whole Beans Chips

Instead of snacking on salty potato chips, reach for a healthier option – Beanitos Bean Chips. They are made from USA farmed whole beans. All products contain 5g of protein and 5g of dietary fiber per serving (with the exception of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Crunch). Some of their delicious flavors include Garden Fresh Salsa, Sweet Chili & Sour Cream and Chipotle BBQ.

Optimum Nutrition- OPTI-BAR

The OPTI-BAR by Optimum Nutrition is perfect as a pre‑workout snack, post-hike replenishment or quick bite in between meetings. Each bar contains 20g of high quality protein, 8-10g of fiber and 3-5g of sugar. Some of their delicious flavors include Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cookies and Cream.

PowerBar- Clean Whey Protein Bar

The Clean Whey Protein Bar by PowerBar is a delicious protein packed snack, perfect for refueling after an intense workout. Each bar contains either 20g or 30g of protein per bar, depending on the flavor.

Country Archer- Frontier Bars

Frontier Bars are perfect for snacking in the wild. They contain 20g of protein, only 110-140 calories and 1-3 grams of sugar, with zero artificial ingredients, preservatives, MSG, hormones, antibiotics and nitrites/nitrates. The products are also free of soy and gluten. They are available in 3 flavor-forward varieties – Cayenne Beef with Pork, Herb Citrus Turkey and Sweet BBQ Pork.

EPIC Provisions- Protein Bar

EPIC Provisions 100% grass fed animal based protein bar is gluten free, grain free, and low in sugar. For a Paleo-approved dose of protein, the Chicken Sriracha bar is recommended. It contains 15g of protein. If bites are more your thing, try the Turkey Cranberry Sage Bites with 8g of protein per serving.

Country Archer- Jerky

Country Archer jerky is hand-sliced from gourmet cuts of extra-lean, USDA-inspected grass-fed beef and tender turkey, and smoked in-house using fresh, high quality ingredients. Each product contains up to 11g of protein per serving and comes in satisfying flavors like Original Beef, Sriracha Beef, Mango Habanero Beef, Hickory Smoke Turkey and Honey Dijon Turkey.