The Best Gyms in America from The Best Gyms in America 2016

The Best Gyms in America 2016

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The Best Gyms in America

One in five Americans go to a gym, or at least pay some kind of a membership, according to the 2016 IHRSA Global Report. There are more than 34,000 gyms in the U.S., and the tendency is for this number to increase every year. With so many options, choosing the right gym for you can be a difficult task. Facilities vary from size and equipment, to philosophy, amenities and services.

Between fitness classes, top-notch personal training options and advanced equipment, these gyms take pride in helping their members achieve their goals. The options seem endless, which is why we asked you to help rank the best gym in America. We compiled a list of more than 60 regional, franchise, and specialty gyms; based on publically available stats, other expert lists and gym goers’ comments.

The final ranking is based on our own survey results. You were able to cast your vote, as well as write the name of a fitness center that was not on the list. This helped us narrow the list down to the Top 30.

Below is a representation of your votes. These are the best gyms in America.


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