9 of the Best Running Strollers from 9 of the Best Running Strollers

9 of the Best Running Strollers

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9 of the Best Running Strollers

Ask any parent who’s entered the ranks of stroller-running and they'll agree: there are quite a few different factors to consider when it comes to finding and choosing a stroller that’s right for you.

According to Lena Filatova, creator of WalkingMama.com, when you’re shopping for a running stroller you should consider both sports performance a real life usage. You want a stroller that performs well while you’re running and that translates well to everyday use, too.

When it comes to sport performance, Filatova recommends first considering how the stroller rides. “An aluminum frame and large air-filled wheels are the things that ensure a good, easy ride,” she explained. “An adjustable or high-enough handle bar increases your performance as a runner, as it can be adjusted to suit your height.”

And some other factors she suggests taking into account include the stroller’s alignment (strollers that don’t pull to the left or right are best, she said); durability (the less plastic the better); the stroller’s ability to handle off-road terrain; safety (look for: a hand brake, wrist tether, quick and firm parking brakes, a five-point harnesses and reflection tape, Filatova said); and style (“a sporty look is truly an inspiration,” Filatova added. “The best jogging strollers look hot, sleek and ready for action!”).

Then there’s the everyday use factor. Filatova recommends strollers that are easy to use and easy to fold, have extra storage, provide comfort for your child and that are made with quality fabrics, just to name a few factors you should also take into account.

You should also know that jogging strollers usually come with a fixed front wheel or a swivel front wheel. Filatova recommends fixed wheels for running, but as Michele Gonzalez, creator of NYC Running Mama, points out, a fixed front wheel makes turning the stroller slightly more challenging and less practical for everyday use. Ultimately, a decision on this feature will come down to your personal preference.

Of course, given the wide variety of running strollers available, there are several other factors you may want to consider, but  now that you’ve got a basic understanding of some of the most important elements, here’s a look at some of the best joggers on the market, as recommended by Filatova, Meg Collins, creator of Lucie’s List, and Baby Gear Lab.


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