The 15 U.S. Cities With the Largest Population Increase from The 15 U.S. Cities With the Largest Population Increase

The 15 U.S. Cities With the Largest Population Increase

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The 15 U.S. Cities With the Largest Population Increase

You may be surprised to find out that people are not flocking to New York City, Boston or even Houston. They are, however, if you look at the big picture, moving to the South. Regarding percentage change in population, 10 of the 15 fastest-growing large cities were located in the South, with seven alone in Texas. San Antonio in Texas tops the list with the largest population gain with an increase of over 24,200 people – an average of 66 people per day between 2016 and 2017. The following list is based on the latest available data provided by the Census Bureau.


San Antonio, Texas

Numeric increase: 24,208

2017 total population: 1,511,946

Even the most capricious travelers will find it worthy. The food is outstanding, and the adventure and sightseeing opportunities never end. Taste some of the best Mexican food in all of the U.S. Explore the history at the Spanish colonial missions, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Texas, and enjoy pulse-pounding rides at world-class theme parks. Don’t miss attractions like the Museum of Art.


Phoenix, Arizona

Numeric increase: 24,036

2017 total population: 1,626,078

This beautiful city nestled in the stunning Sonoran Desert is multicultural but with a low-key vibe, making it a wonderful choice for a last-minute getaway for people living on the West Coast. You can save money on a hotel by camping and spend your day hiking for free along the Echo Canyon trails. Warm Arizona nights are the perfect backdrop for a stargazing journey. Phoenix and its surrounding area are ideal for a celestial exploration.


Dallas, Texas

Numeric increase: 18,935

2017 total population: 1,341,075

Dallas is among the least fit cities in the U.S. It needs to work on being more active; few people report physical activity in the last 30 days. The percentage of population meeting CDC aerobic activity and strength training guidelines is also low.


Fort Worth, Texas

Numeric increase: 18,664

2017 total population: 874,168

The city, along with Dallas, is among the worst for people with spring allergies several years in a row. Some of the most common species of mosquitoes found are the Aedes aegypi, which live in artificial containers, the Anopheles punctipennis, which live in woodland pools, and the Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus, which live in salt marches, according to a study. Weather forecasts warn almost every day of “extreme mosquito activity.”


Los Angeles, California

Numeric increase: 18,643

2017 total population: 3,999,759

People who don’t live in the largest city in Southern California most likely associate it with Hollywood and the worst traffic jams in the country. But the city is home to many stunning and big beaches that are wonderful to visit year-round. The several state parks nearby are a wonderful escae when you’ve had enough sun.


Seattle, Washington

Numeric increase: 17,490

2017 total population: 724,745

What other cities are as worthy of exploration as ever-changing Seattle? With each neighborhood carving out its own slice of culture, there is no shortage of things to do or see. Revel in the rich art and music scene, dine in incredible new restaurants or check out nearby outdoor adventure and hike the North Cascades or paddle Puget Sound.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Numeric increase: 15,551

2017 total population: 859,035

The largest city in North Carolina has become more and more popular among people who are looking to relocate. It was on the U.S. News’ list of the most desired places to live in 2017. Did you know thatthis is a city with, allegedly, high concentration of paranormal activity – from haunted plantations to scary shopping malls and eerie universities?


Columbus, Ohio

Numeric increase: 15,429

2017 total population: 879,170

One of the best parks and public gardens in the country is in Columbus. The Franklin Park Conservatory is a great attraction year round. The hipster in you will love the Short North and the artist will appreciate the amount festivals the city holds each year.


Frisco, Texas

Numeric increase: 13,470

2017 total population: 177,286

It is located just about half an hour away from another growing city – Dallas. Frisco is an emerging go-to place for family fun in the DFW Metroplex. Sports fans – of pro teams or recreational fun – are going to have a blast - baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse, tennis, golf, powerlifting, cheerleading, golf, dance…


Atlanta, Georgia

Numeric increase: 13,323

2017 total population: 486,290

Atlanta ranks especially high in the “pet health and wellness” category. This is not a surprise considering the city has more than 250 pet-friendly restaurants and lots of parks and recreational areas where Fido can wander around free. Piedmont Dog Park, with nearly three-acre dog run and separate enclosures for different breeds, is a favorite both for the pets and their owners.


San Diego, California

Numeric increase: 12,834

2017 total population: 1,419,516

San Diego will brighten your mood with its warm weather and overabundance of fun activities from beach-front ice skating rinks, concerts, and holiday shopping. If you want to experience world-class surfing without having to break the bank, San Diego is your destination. Surfing there is on the great American bucket list. It has awesome wave pools in addition to a plethora of good surf spots.


Austin, Texas

Numeric increase: 12,515

2017 total population: 950,715

Austin is absolutely beautiful any time of year and a perfect destination for people who love adventure. The city has warm weather nearly year-round, making recreational activities a favorite pastime for residents. On hot days people will cool off by kayaking on the river, or they’ll take their boat to the lakes nearby. This is just one reason why it has become one of the most beautiful places for open-water swimming.


Jacksonville, Florida

Numeric increase: 11,169

2017 total population: 892,062

It’s Florida’s youngest city – and one of the hippest. Jacksonville is getting more and more popular. Locals like to say that in Jax you can experience a different side of Florida, combining both relaxation and adventure.


Irvine, California

Numeric increase: 11,068

2017 total population: 277,453

This is one of the happiest cities in America in 2018. Irvine has the second highest sports-participation rate and the second lowest separation and divorce rate. Also, Irvine just misses the No.1 ranking for the least stressed city in the U.S. The city has a low crime rate, and the majority of the people living there have high credit scores.

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Henderson, Nevada

Numeric increase: 10,534

2017 total population: 302,539

People in Henderson love pets. Most hotels offer nice accommodations to make your pooch happy. There are several parks specifically designed for dogs. They feature separate dog runs, agility courses, walking trails, dog bone-themed benches, and drinking stations for pets. Some even host special classes and programs.