10 Creative Ways to Find New Motivation for Your Fitness Goals from 10 Creative Ways to Find New Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

10 Creative Ways to Find New Motivation for Your Fitness Goals


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10 Creative Ways to Find New Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

Raise your hand if you’re familiar with this cycle: it starts with feelings of frustration and defeat — you’re fed up with your current fitness routine (or lack of one) and vow to kick-start your new exercise schedule first thing Monday morning.

No more excuses; you want to see results and you’re feeling totally gung-ho about getting back to the gym and getting your goals back on track. Monday morning comes and you conquer a kick-butt workout — you’re feeling great and that high easily keeps you going through the rest of the week. But then, as time continues on, you feel that organic energystarting to fade. The motivation that helped you get started is fizzling out fast and you’re left wondering if you really have the willpower to keep up the commitment you were so enthusiastic about just a week or so ago. You wonder how to muster up the motivation you’ll need to finally reach your goal.

If you’ve been here before and you’re “raising your hand” right now, first you should know, you’re not alone. Everyone — even the most enthusiastic fitness fanatics — struggles to find motivation. But the people who can keep going when that initial drive eventually fades know that staying on track is about more than just motivation. They know that the ability to keep going has to come from a deeper place.

“For exercise to become part of your life, you need to find your ‘intrinsic motivation,’” says Lisa Hisscock, an ACE certified personal trainer and Interval Training Rx coach.

It might be something like, improving your overall mood,reducing your stress levels or setting an example for others; you can choose anything, just make sure it’s meaningful and important to you. Keep this “intrinsic” motivator at the forefront of your mind — write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. That’s the first and most important step you can take to make sure your willpower won’t wane.

But for those days when you’re feeling over-stressed, frustrated, down or just entirely unenergetic and you need that little extra “oomph” to get going, you can also use the following tips suggested by DW Fitness Clubs trainers Rebecca Payne, Hannah Oliver and Tom Hudson. Here they share a few fun and exciting ways to find new motivation for your fitness goals. 


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