Commute Comfortably: 11 Messenger Bags for the Urban Cyclist

The best messenger bags for durability, comfort, and urban riding
Chrome Industries

Comfortable, secure, durable, easily accessible. These are just a few of the terms we strive for when searching for the perfect messenger bag. Urban cyclists and commuters know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable bag to fit everything you need on your commute. And for those of us who carry laptops around, an extra pair of clothes, bike lock, or other personal items, finding a strong bag that will fit everything we need is a must.  

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Through careful consideration of your daily commute, along with comfort and accessibility, we came up with a list of our top 11 messenger bags. In deciding the final list, I chatted with Andy Larson, a Minneapolis NACCC organizer. The NACCC stands for the North American Cycle Courier Championships, this year taking place in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Bike Messenger Association is organizing the event on a closed course in Northeast Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend.

So, naturally, we went to the experts for help on this list, because no one knows a good messenger bag like an actual bike messenger. Andy Larson is also the owner and designer of Trash Bags, which has a bag included in this list.

Included in the list are smaller, minimal bags for those who only take the essentials on-the-go, and also more intensive, extreme bags for those who are bike messengers themselves or need a bag that can carry heavier and more cumbersome loads. The bags range in materials, but are overall durable and water-resistant (or water-proof!).

While today, messenger bags are seen more as an urban fashion icon then a necessary item, as a bike commuter, I know first hand how important it is to find a good bag. Just last week, as I was moving some things from my old apartment, I used my Chrome Industries Citizen Bag to carry a bunch of personal items securely and comfortably.

With so many bags out there, finding the perfect messenger bag that fits your style and needs can be a difficult feat. Click here for the 11 best messenger bags for the urban cyclist, and find which one will complete your ride. 

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