The Colombian Women's Cycling Uniforms Are Exposed

A set of cycling uniforms just became this weeks biggest fashion failure

With summer coming to an end, bikinis are ‘out’, and apparently, cycling uniforms that look as if you are, well, exposed, are ‘in’. The Colombian women’s cycling team is shown in their interesting uniforms at Friday’s Instituto Distrital de Reacreación y Deporte in Italy. The flesh-toned portion of the uniform highlights a private area of the body which begs to question, who thought this design was flattering?

As a cyclist, a comfortable uniform is very important element to acquire, but riding comfortable, and seemingly naked are two very different things. Maybe the uniform designer was inspired by World Naked Bike Ride day, or maybe they really had no idea of the offense the outfits could bring. Either way, it is unclear if the Colombian team plans a repeat showing with these uniforms, but UCI President Brian Cookson has tweeted that his federation finds it ‘unacceptable’ and they are ‘on the case’.

The photo is getting a lot of negative coverage, been called words like 'rude' or 'wrong'. Some have even called it sexist, but apparently the men's team uniform is not much better. You can compare the two in the tweet below.

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