Climb Peak. Paraglide Down. Repeat. Take a Bow, Ueli Steck.

'Swiss Machine' conquers three Alps mountains in one day
Staff Writer

Move over, Alex Honnold. You may have claimed the highest three peaks in Yosemite Valley in 19 hours, but the Swiss Machine—that’s Ueli Steck, for those who don’t know—just conquered three of the Alps' highest peaks in less time.

Steck used his unparalleled skills in speed climbing to reach the top of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Combined with his unique method for moving from peak to peak—paragliding—he was able to log more vertical feet than Honnold in just 12 hours.

To train, Steck practiced paragliding for a year and completed more than 400 flights. To complete the trip, Steck needed perfect weather…and he got it. Watch this short film above from Big Up Productions to learn more about the expedition. To read more about Steck, check out his profile on the AT 50. You can also hear his interview below with Epic TV.

Via Gear Junkie.

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