City Climbing: A Safe Way to Scale a Five-Story Building

Rock climb outdoors in a city without access to natural rock formations

Rock climbing is increasingly becoming a popular activity throughout cities in the U.S. Facilities are opening up with latest technologies, bigger walls, and more difficult climbs. It is a fun activity that uses mind and body to solve complex problems and reach entirely new heights.

But, many cities still contain rock climbing to the indoors. There are some, with access to incredible mountains and natural formations that allow for outdoor adventure. But other cities, that are not so close to big mountains, are left in the dirt. That is, unless you use what your city has to offer.

New York City is a prime example of a major city, lacking an outdoor adventure culture. It is difficult, mountains are distanced, parks are overcrowded, and becoming one with nature is rare. But, one school in Long Island City, Queens, New York is changing that. The NYC Outbound Schools are out to change lives, and their climbing wall is a prime example of their mission.

This wall is located on the backside of the NYC Outward Bound Schools building. It is the highest wall in the city reaching 5 stories. Open climbing season runs from May to October and sessions are available Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It is an indoor rock climbing intensity of level 3 and is a fun and exciting way to climb in the city.

As more and more rock climbing facilities pop up, we can hope that other major cities take initiative to create community friendly walls such as this one. It is a great way to be outside, active and gain a new sense of adventure. See the city from new heights and workout while doing so.

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