Citi Bike Doesn't Deliver

New members wait impatiently for bike access while Citi Bike passes the buck

Citi Bike isn’t delivering for its annual members—literally.

While its original goal was to deliver annual membership packets in seven business days, its website now states that “higher than average numbers of sign-ups” have pushed that timetable back to 10.

Bike share hopeful Jeff Bauer has now been playing the waiting game for 14 days, and feels less confident than ever about when he’ll undock his first bike after speaking to a Citi Bike customer service representative.

“I was told they have no way of tracking welcome packets—only that my key is in its last days of processing,” Bauer said. 

Citi Bike’s Marketing Director Dani Simons says that the delay is down 3 to 5 days from when the bike share first launched, and it wasn’t only her end that was caught off guard by the demand.

“We are making necessary modifications to our mailing agreement with USPS to better meet demand,” Simons said.

Aha! The struggling postal service is the scapegoat for Citi Bike.

Key delivery isn't a new problem. It's been a persistent aggravation since before the program launched, causing many “founding” members  to delay showing off their new wheels on opening day.

Admittedly, it's not a bad thing when your worst problem is high demand, and it clearly shows that Citi Bike is wildly popular, with roughly 800 new annual members signing up daily. But making notoriously impatient New Yorkers wait for anything is never a winning business strategy.