This Circuit Workout Will Get You into Summer Shape Fast

An elite athlete shares his top workout tips

Red Bull Cliff Diver, David Colturi believes there are five important pillars that every exerciser and athlete should take with them to the gym.

They include speed, flexibility, agility, strength and focus. He says these are especially important for cliff divers who continue to attempt to push the limits with more complex dives as the sport progresses each year.

“Requiring little to no equipment, cliff diving is the oldest extreme sport on the planet,” Colturi said. “Currently, the best high divers in the world compete on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, and the progression over the last six years has been astronomical.”

Maybe you’re not preparing for a challenging cliff dive, but we’re willing to bet you’ve been aiming to get in better shape for summer, and this total-body workout designed by Colturi can absolutely help take your workout routine to the next level. (Just don't forget that getting in shape takes time and consistency.)

Below he outlines everything you need to know both in an infographic and with written instructions.

-5 Pillars Workout-

Warm up:
Stretching and Core- Be sure to hit all major muscle groups, and switch between static and dynamic stretching. Five minutes of continuous abs, 10 exercises for 30 seconds each with no rest between. Examples include toe touches, leg raises, butt ups, tuck kick outs, pike ups, scissors, flutters, bicycles, front, back, and side planks, hollow body holds, and Russian twists.

High Intensity Circuit:
Three exercises, 45 seconds on and 15 seconds of rest, then move to the next exercise. Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat the circuit two more times.

1) Controlled back squat into jump—Using a barbell, slowly descend into a back squat, then explode up into a high jump, landing softly for safety.

2) Handstand hold and pushups against a wall—Slowly kick away from the wall and try to keep your weight on your hands for as long as you can. Push up every five to 10 seconds.

3) Full-body burpies—Holding light to moderate dumbbells, start in pushup position, perform three pushups, three single hand rows, three squat jumps, and three bicep curl, shoulder press, overhead triceps extension combos. Repeat.

Using an agility ladder for a quick set is a great way to get ready for some plyos. There are an infinite amount of drills that are only limited by your imagination. Try going in all four directions and switch between single-leg, double-leg, and on your hands to keep your body evolving. Once ready, set up a jump course using low, moderate, and high hurdles varying between jumps for distance, height and speed. If you are low on space or equipment, one or two boxes work fine as well.

Balance boards and Bosu balls are some of my favorite pieces of equipment. Decrease the resistance, slow down to force control, and try your normal lower- and upper-body exercises on these to improve your balance and coordination. Simple movements like squats, curls, presses, extensions and push-ups become much more difficult and engage your core when balancing. Another fun trick is to remove the seat and handlebars from a stationary bike, balance while pedaling in front of a wall, and try to throw a tennis ball to yourself while keeping a steady pace.

Shuttle runs and stairs are great ways to work on your speed and explosive power. Vary between single- and double-leg, and forward and lateral movements.

Here’s an example of a quick stair set: sprint hitting every step once, sprint skip a step, sprint skip two steps, bunny hop hit every step, bunny hop skip a step, single-leg forward jump every step, single-leg lateral jump every step, broad jump skip as many steps as you can. Between sets do 25 pushups and 50 abdominal movements.

Core and Stretching—Hanging abs are always a great way to finish off a workout. Between the warm-up and coordination exercises, it shouldn’t take long to feel the burn on this one. Rotate between single-leg raises, double-leg raises, bent knees, straight legs and twists. Don’t forget a thorough stretching session to work on your flexibility at the end. This is also a great time to sharpen your focus. Even though your body is exhausted, try controlling your heart rate using breathing exercises, and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. 

The next stop in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will take place at Texas' Possum Kingdom Lake on May 30, 2015. 

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