Chris Sharma Climbs La Dura Dura

Athlete claims the second ascent of one of the hardest routes in the world
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Last month, climbing legend Chris Sharma finally took out La Dura Dura, a climbing route made famous thanks to its namesake documentary featured in the Reel Rock 7 Film Tour.

In the movie, climbing prodigy Adam Ondra and climbing legend Chris Sharma both tried to claim the first ascent. Neither succeeded, but a few months later, Ondra made it to the top.

That could have been the end of the story. Sharma, now 31, wasn’t expected to push the limits like young Ondra. He'd already made his impact on the climbing world: he'd won X Games gold, the U.S. Bouldering Nationals and numerous other competitions, as well as sending previously identified routes many thought impossible.  He also claimed many first ascents and was the first person ever to complete a 5.15a-rated climb.

Sharma’s ascent of La Dura Dura shows that he could easily continue to shape the sport in years to come, and that (with any luck) we may see a few more Ondra-Sharma showdowns.

Via Climbing Narc.

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