Celebrate the National Park Service's Birthday With No Entrance-Fee

On Monday, August 25 NPS will waive their entrance fees to celebrate their birthday
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Celebrate the last week of summer along with the birthday of the National Park Service. This year, NPS turns 98 years old, and like always, the big day is a free-entrance day at all the National Parks. On August 25 you can go to any of the 401 national parks in the nation to enjoy a beautiful day with a waived entrance fee.

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Although 133 of the 401 national parks charge an entrance fee, NPS offers a number of free entrance days this year with a couple more dates coming up September 27 for National Public Lands Day and November 11 for Veteran’s Day. The fee waiver includes entrance fee, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. That means you can get into some of the bigger parks such as Yellowstone without paying a penny. Fees such as reservations and camping are still applicable.

We should all take advantage of these free days at the park. Some of the best parks do have fees, which is understandable. From maintenance to park protection to emergency services and facilities, the upkeep of allowing people into these natural wonders without causing major disturbances to the environment is hard work. While these are 13 of the best National Parks to visit on free days, really, any park is a great way to spend time outside. And as you visit these National Parks, be sure to thank the rangers and folks who work there for helping these wonderful places be accessible and genuinely gorgeous.

Here you can find a complete ranking of the National Park, and make sure to visit on the National Park Service’s birthday on Monday. They offer plenty of events and activities, or just head out to your favorite trail and enjoy what your surroundings have to offer.

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