Capitol Hill Parks


Capitol Hill Parks includes those park areas managed by National Capital Parks-East between 2nd Streets NE and SE and the Anacostia River. Included in this group are Lincoln; Folger, Stanton; and Marion Parks; Maryland Avenue Triangles; Pennsylvania Avenue Medians; Squares and Triangles, including Seward Square, and Potomac Avenue Metro Stations, Twining Square; and otherinner-city triangles and squares. When Pierre L'Enfant submitted his design for the Capital City of Washington in 1790, a system of grand avenues, public buildings and grounds dominated the overall plan. Many of the parks, medians, circles, squares and triangles of Capitol Hill Parks evolved from this plan and its subsequent modification, in 1901, by the McMillan Commission. The Capitol Hill Parks exist to provide opportunities for appropriate public enjoyment in an inner-city environment.


Seasonality / Weather

The Capitol Hill Parks are open year-round. All Capitol Hill Parks are closed to the public from midnight to 5:00 a.m.



Please contact each park for specific directions.


Getting to the D.C. area is possible via Dulles International Airport or Reagan National Airport.

Public Transport: 

All parks accessible by the Washington, D.C. Metro System. Please contact each park for directions.