Will Raisins or Sports Chews Help Your Run?

New study pits the natural vs. man-made

This week in head-to-head competition: Sports chews vs. Raisins

The Matchup: Eleven male runners completed an 80-minute treadmill run followed by a timed 5K after receiving either raisins, sports chews or only water before starting. This was repeated three times over the course of three weeks. During each trial, researchers monitored levels from electrolytes and lactate to glucose and oxidation. 

The Results: “Raisins and chews promoted higher carbohydrate oxidation and improved running performance compared to water only. Running performance was similar between the raisins and chews, with no significant GI differences," according to the study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Though, the study also notes that chews caused slightly higher insulin levels. 

Ultimately, both artificial chews and raisins will help you over a long distance without wreaking havoc on your stomach. So, grown from the earth or made in a factory? It's up to you.

Sports chews: 1; Raisins: 1.

Via Runner’s World.