Can a Website Do the Job of a Personal Trainer?

A new platform brings pro athletes and their workouts to your fingertips

Motivation is a huge component of personal fitness, and for some, a major challenge.

For those who occasionally struggle with self-motivation, there are helpful suggestions to keep you accountable, such as recruiting a fitness buddy or hiring a personal trainer. Though appealing, these concepts are not without fault—friends might have conflicting schedules and personal trainers can be pricey.

But as with every modern-day issue, there is a technology-based solution that is attempting to solve your fitness motivation dilemma.

Online fitness startup Go Pro Workouts (no relation to the action cam company) has joined the ranks of online social fitness platforms, but with a standout element that has some serious potential. The company has enlisted professional athletes to lead training programs that users can access online or on their phones, through an app.

These programs are categorized by sport and allow the user to follow workout plans, input data and track their progress. There is an option to add a personalized nutrition program for athletes, which allows you to keep track of what you’re eating.

Go Pro Workouts is offering a free week-long trial of its sport-specific exercise programs led by professional athletes. Though we haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet, we’re looking forward to giving it a shot. Try it here.