Can Health and Fitness Be Quantified?

The Nudge app turns your health and fitness data into one overall score

How many health and fitness apps do you have on your phone? Go ahead, count them.

Including the apps I use for running, I have six. (Among them: Fooducate, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and the FitBit app.) But I’m willing to guess that some of you out there have a whole lot more; half of which you probably don’t even use.

Let’s be real, am I really going to track every single one of my running workouts using four different GPS apps? Absolutely not. (Not that my phone’s battery could even handle that.) Yet, for who knows what reason, I can’t find it within myself to delete any of them.

Nonetheless, what aspects of our health, wellness and fitness regimens aren’t tracked by an app these days? We can use our phones to count calories, monitor sleep patterns, log workouts, and plan meals. But unless you’re using something like an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all these different factors in one place, it’s hard to see an overall picture of your health.

Of course, maintaining healthy habits takes up enough of your time as it is, so the chance that you’d have time to sit down and crunch all that data at the end of the day is pretty slim. That’s where the Nudge app comes in.

Nudge turns all of the data from your health and fitness apps into one number that rates your overall health and wellbeing. The makers call it a “healthy lifestyle hub.”

It's free for both iPhone and Android users and right now it can connect to RunKeeper, all of the apps in the MapMyFitness family, Strava, Jawbone UP, and Moves. The creators plan on integrating more apps as Nudge continues to grow and you can even vote for which app you think should be supported next. 

Once you sync up with Nudge it analyzes everything from your hydration and nutrition to your daily activity levels and sleep habits in order to calculate your “Nudge Factor,” a number from 1-110 that scores your overall health over a period of 30 days.

In addition to using Nudge as a way to sync up the health apps that you already use, you can use it to log things like how many servings of veggies you ate, your energy levels (on a scale from Zombie to In the ZONE), and how many indulgences you allowed yourself (think cigarettes or alcohol) on a daily basis.

The app also plays up social support by providing a “clubs” tab that allows you to join social feeds related to your favorite activities and hobbies and ranks users based on their Nudge Factor.

Would quantifying all of my “health data” into one general number “nudge” me to make healthier choices more frequently? My competitive side is saying, maybe. But at the end of the day health and wellness is way more than just a number. You know better than anyone else, even your phone (no matter how much you tell it), how you truly feel, and that’s worth way more than what any amount of data can tell you.

What do you think? Is this an app you would use and do you think it would help motivate you to make healthier choices more frequently? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!