Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks

Bring Less Tape

Tape, especially duct tape is very useful to have on a camping or hiking trip. It does wonders on blister comfort and coverage. But, lugging around a huge spool of tape is completely unnecessary. Wrap it around a lighter, or your water bottle for easy access. 

Store in Straws

Straws are perfect for keeping toothpaste and other liquid essentials in. Split them for one time use, or store it all in one full straw. Burn the edges with a lighter to close the straw. 

Egg Carton Fire Starter


Egg cartons are great fire starters. And to make them even more powerful, stick a piece of charcoal in each hole. Keep the charcoals stored in side and take the carton on-the-go. 

Toilet Paper Roll

Another great fire starter is toilet paper rolls filled with laundry lint. If you've ever asked yourslef, 'what is this silly lint good for anyways', well here is the answer. Stuff the rolls and stick them all around your teepee of wood, and let it burn. 

Folgers Toilet Paper Holder

Speaking of toilet paper, taking TP camping can be quite a hassle. Keeping it dry and stored safely but still accessable seems impossible, but here's a solution. Use a Folgers coffee can to store the TP. Slit a hole through the side and the paper can come out, while the roll stays dry inside. 

Doritos Tinder

Did you know that Doritos make great tinder? The fatty chips burn quite easily, so take a bag on your trip to help start a fire, or for a quick snack. 

Crayola Candles

Candles can be used for emergency purposes as well as a quick light in the middle of the night. Crayons are a compact and simple solution to bringing candles out in the woods. They each burn for around 30 minutes, providing a good amount of light in a tiny package.

Lasagna Pan Grill

Use a lasanga or baking tin to create a one-time-use grill. Just fill with charcoals, and cover with a grit, and you are good to grill. 

Water Jug Lantern

Get more light on your campsite with this neat trick. Take a water jug, milk jug, or something hollow and clear and shine a flashlight or headlamp to it. Headlamps can be easier to create this effect with since they can wrap around the jug sturdly. 

Soda Can Stove

Use a soda can to make a handy, inexpensive stove. All you need is a can, knife, and alcohol for fuel. This video tutorial shows you how. It can be dangerous, so be careful.

Ziploc Bag Hacks


There are so many ziploc bag hacks, it's hard to name them all. A few that I've found useful are food storage, pancake mix storage (you can then cut the corner and squeeze right out), and my personal favorite, a ziploc pillow. Just blow up the bag, seal it shut, and snooze comfortably.