Camping Gear That Doubles As Dorm Gear

Handy items that will come in handy on any college campus

‘Tis the season for back to school shopping, but before you hit the stores, take a good look through your camping gear. Items you normally use in the woods can also be great for your dorm room and can save you from spending extra cash.   

A stovetop espresso maker
Serious coffee drinkers often take these along in the woods to make sure they get their caffeine fix, but espresso makers can also be a great option when you get tired of the bad drip coffee in your cafeteria.

A sleeping pad
Chances are your dorm bed will be the standard issue twin that leaves your back aching every morning. Here’s a tip for additional comfort: Use your sleeping pad for added cushioning.  

Sleeping bags for guests
At some point, friends or family members will want crash in your room. A sleeping bag (and that sleeping pad) can make sure they stay comfortable.

Campfire pots, pans and plates
While few residence hall directors would overlook a propane camp stove in your room, camping pots and pans are generally sturdy and compact, making them perfect for dorm life. Bring them along for when you want to make something in the dorm kitchen.  

Camping chairs
Space is a valuable commodity in dorm rooms, but you also want to have plenty of seating for company. Folding camping chairs can be a great way to have the best of both worlds. When no one is around, leave the chair in your closet or under your bed. When people come over, pop it open for extra seating.

A Swiss Army Knife
Whether you need to open a bottle of beer or tighten a loose screw, a Swiss Army Knife can be just as handy in your dorm room as it can be in the wilderness.

Headlamps and Flashlights
Whether for a power outage, way to read under the covers when your roommate is sleeping, weekend camping trip or an impromptu game of flashlight tag, there are plenty of reasons these items can be handy.

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