Campaign Pledges 118 Million Miles for Boston Marathon

Athletes around the world join to celebrate the race's 118th anniversary
118 For Boston

Every American was shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic events that took place at last year’s Boston Marathon. Most of all, the running community took the news especially hard.

The Boston Marathon is considered one of the biggest and best road races in the entire world and this year marks its 118th anniversary. Runners around the world are eager to make this year’s event the best one yet. Since last year’s race, countless inspirational campaigns have been launched as a means of honoring and supporting the victims and their families and proving to the world that no one can discourage the ardent spirit of a runner.  

This year, RunKeeper (a GPS activity-tracking app) is joining in on this uplifting and inspirational movement with their own campaign called 118 for Boston, which they launched on March 1 with the goal of logging 118 million miles in order to celebrate the resilient energy that the long-celebrated race is so well known for and to provide runners all over the world with a chance to be a part of a big and bright accomplishment.

The campaign’s homepage reads:

For this year's event, we wanted to provide a way for everyone to work together and accomplish something big—wherever you are in the world. Join us as we track 118 million miles from March 1st to April 21st—the day of the 118th Boston Marathon—to celebrate this amazing event. Runs, walks, bike rides, or any distance-based activity you do in RunKeeper will count. Watch as the miles rack up in real time, and join us as we chase down this big goal, by posting an activity in RunKeeper with the hashtag #118forBoston.

Participating is easy. As explained above, simply track your outdoor distance-based workouts (running, walking, cycling, etc.) using the RunKeeper app (available on both Android and iPhone) and then use the hashtag #118forBoston in the “Notes” section of its social sharing feature when you’re finished.

"We started this campaign as a way to get everyone around the world to work together to accomplish something big in celebration of this year's 118th Boston Marathon. Being a Boston company, having our CEO, co-workers, families and friends in the race and by the finish line, we were deeply affected by the attacks at last year's event," RunKeeper Community Manager Jim Redding said in an email.

He continued: "We thought that by celebrating fitness, and getting everyone to contribute towards our goal of 118 million miles and a cause bigger than any one person, we could really do some good and hopefully raise awareness for charities that would help those who need it."

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