Bradley Wiggins Hospitalized After Crash with Van

No report on Tour champion's condition yet
Staff Writer

Bradley Wiggins, 2012 Tour de France and Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist, has been hospitalized after a crash with a van in Lancashire, England. The Team Sky rider is believed to have broken several ribs and may have suffered injuries to his hand and wrist—though no word yet on how the crash may or may not affect his cycling career.  

“By the time I got there he had moved to a safer place but was still on the ground and he was in a lot of pain,” garage attendant Yasmin Smith told The Lancashire Post, after rushing to Wiggins’ aid. “He said he thought he had broken his ribs and while a lot of police cars arrived, it was about 15 minutes before the ambulance got there by which time he was blue.”

We’ll update the story as more information is released on his condition.

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