Bostonians Could Be Snowboarding in the Summer by 2015

Early plans include opening an indoor training facility within the next 12 months
Facebook/The Lab Freestyle

An early design concept for The Lab Freestyle

It’s every skier and snowboarder’s dream to be able to shred in their own city, regardless of the weather, in any conditions—even in the summer. Thanks to a new crowdfunding project, Bostonians might soon have that luxury.

The Lab Freestyle will be an indoor training facility, open year-round to skiers and boarders, with no actual snow required.

The project is still in it’s early stages, but there is a Facebook page that was started on June 29. Posted on the page is a model of what the facility might look like, their logo and a description. They are currently taking design suggestions, questions about the Lab and they will reportedly begin crowdfunding within the month.

According to their description, they’re looking to create a place where skiers and boarders can practice tricks and improve their technique without fear of landing on packed snow and facing serious injury. “Whether you’re a newbie gearing up for your very first run, or a seasoned vet trying to master the elusive double cork1260, the Lab will be your space to experiment, explore and gear up for a truly awesome ride.”

Though still in early stages of the project, it has been well received and success of similar concepts in other cities is encouraging. Snowgression in Utah has shown that park riding inside can be a popular training tool and Mini Mountain in Washington has been open since 1983, proving that the idea of an indoor ski center has staying power.

The current plan is to open the doors to the Lab Freestyle within the year and they plan to launch the funding campaign on Fundable within the next month.

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