Bomber Gear: Gerber Venture Knife

This shiny, sharp, tough-as-nails blade opens in an instant
Staff Writer

Around the office, girls call the Gerber Venture my "man scissors." That's not to say that it's somehow less than a knife or only cuts through paper, but more of a comment on how often I reach for it. It's my package opener, my lunchtime slicer and dicer and, when I want to be ridiculous, my paper cutter. Out in the woods, it performs ably as a utility knife, cutting small branches for campfire kindling, making short work of paracord and 10mm climbing rope and, in a pinch, standing in for a fishing knife.

And that's the promise of the Venture, which comes from Gerber's "Essentials" line—it's supposed to be an everyday workhorse pocketknife. It does that, and includes some high-end features that make it both beautiful and functional. The handle is lightweight, strong titanium that's ergonomically shaped for easy grip. The stainless steel, 3.2-inch partially serrated blade opens with one hand, thanks to Gerber's spring-assisted opening mechanism. This is particularly useful in the field. Less so in the office, but I still get a kick out of idly flicking the blade open and closed (in a 100 percent non-menacing way, I assure you). Ball bearings help the blade open smoothly and lightning-fast, and a button lock holds it securely open.

More than eight months of everyday use have proven the Venture to be an elegant, powerful workhorse knife that's yet to let me down.

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