Top Winter Cycling Gear

Top Winter Cycling Gear

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Sunglasses are not meant to be worn only in the summer. The sun may not be as strong but its reflection in the snow can hurt you even more because literally more light is hitting you. You not only get the sunlight directly but also the light bouncing off the snow. The Skylon Ace glasses have interchangeable lenses so you can adapt to any light condition. The Nike Max Optics technology delivers precise visual information at any angle of view. The glasses are lighter than previous versions and the nosepiece is fully vented. They also feature deep lens cut for maximum coverage, secure wrap temples with rubber grip for stability, and 100 percent UVA and UVB Protection. Price: $90

Women’s long sleeve cycling jersey: MANIFESTO

This kind of jacket may be just what you need for biking in the winter. It provides extra coverage against the sunlight and extra protection against cold temperatures. The jackets regulate the moisture so you can stay dry at all times. They are made from weather-resistant fabrics and liners to keep the heat inside. Price: $130

Men’s winter cycling jacket: SENZA JACKET

This jacket is designed for high-performance and it’s perfect for long rides in the winter. It’ll keep you comfortable even in freezing conditions. It’s made from Windstopper® X-Fast fabric for total protection against wind and high-loft fleece for warmth. The jacket also has a Flip-up Thermoflex collar for maximum protection and zippered rear pocket with reflective webbing. What people like the most about this jacket is the insulation and waterproofness. Price: $190

Women’s cycling vest: HI-VIS BREVET GILET

The reflective stripes on this vest help people see you from far, far away. You can use it to ride at night as well. It’s also windproof and has breathable mesh side panels. The vest is perfect for extra protection if you want to put it on top of a jacket or a jersey if it’s not freezing outside. It also features offset zip for comfortable layering and reflective chest stripes. The fabric is 100 percent polyester. Price: $120

For outside or indoor trainer rides: Shimano - RP5 WOMEN

The Shimano RP500 road bike shoes are not heavy at all but provide enough stability. The adjustable buckle and dual off-set straps allow for precise fitting. They secure the foot into the ultimate ergonomic position for an efficient up stroke. They synthetic leather and mesh are also tough stretch resistant. The shoes are also SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible. Price: $150

Indoor cycling trainer: FLUID² TRAINER

This trainer is basic but it gives you everything you need. It sets up fast and easy for your bike to prepare you for more challenging rides outside. You can use it on snow storm days to get a great workout. The wheel tension knob screws in and out so that you can have the right amount of tension for you. This trainer is the closest thing to a real ride and it’s quiet. You can customize each ride by shifting gears because of the large, precision-balanced flywheel. Price: $350

Winter cycling hat: Rapha Deep Winter Hat

This hat fits nicely and keeps you warm in cold, windy and wet conditions. The material breathes well and continues to feel pleasant on your skin even if you get a bit too warm, according to reviews. The hat is made of different fabrics to ensure full weatherproofing – it’s meant for the coldest weather rides. The front panel and peak are made from water-resistant fabric, while the back and side panels use a soft, breathable material to prevent overheating. An additional merino lining offers additional insulation. Price: $90

Shoe covers: Deflect Comp

Your feet are protected by the winter biking shoes but what it protecting them? When it’s gusty outside, you need to cover your shoes so the accumulating snow and everything else on the ground don’t damage them. The Deflect Comp ones are stretchable and light. People like them for the insulation they provide. The rear zipper is for extra getting in and out. The bottom is abrasion-resistant. Price: $65

Arm & leg warmers: THERMINAL™2.0

Some days are colder than others and a jacket may be too much. After all, you don’t want to get too warm. A pair of arm warmers on top of your sweatshirt will do. Therminal™ 2.0 Arm Warmers’ fabric insulates and manages moisture so you stay comfortable. The fleece pulls it away from the skin so it evaporates at the surface. The arm warmers also feature fold-over cuff with silicone print for a secure fit. It also has a UV technology that protects the skin. Price: $45 for the arm warmers and $60 for the legs.

Gloves: Castelli Cromo Glove

These light Castelli Cromo gloves have long reflective strip on the outside of the little finger which is very useful for indicating. They are not thick but keep your fingers warm. The grippy pattern on the palm, wind and water proof is what people like a lot about them. The SmartHeat lining manages moisture and adds warmth. Price: $55

Cycling helmets: TEMPO MIPS-EQUIPPED

This helmet has 25 vents to keep you comfortably cool during your ride. It weighs only half a pound so you will barely know there is something on your head. The helmet features and In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell and MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces when the helmet gets hit at an angle. Price: $60

Winter road bike tires: WTB BRIDGER TCS LIGHT FR TIRE - 27.5 PLUS

The good news is that punctures are a rarity in the winter if your tires are decent. You need tough tires to handle the grit, mud and leaves. So they should be wider to compensate for the increased rolling resistance. They also have a larger air volume, which mean better comfort. The WTB Bridger TCS Light FR Tires are 27.5+ in and have a much rounder profile. They roll fast. The wear is minimal, according to reviews. Price: $70