Best Cycling Trips in U.S. and Canada

Whether you go on a short or a week-long bike tour, the trip will be unforgettable.

Any physical activity is good for you; running has been particularly popular because of the famed “runner’s high.” But the state of euphoria that comes with reduced anxiety and a diminished ability to feel pain can be achieved by cycling as well. The sport gets your blood flowing and triggers the release of endorphins.

The reasons to try biking are endless. The trail is always changing, thus the brain always stays engaged. You’ll get to beautiful places much faster than hiking. Riding will open a new world for you, as the bike will take you to (possibly secret) gems a car simply can’t. It’s also a way to stay active if you’ve been injured because it’s low-impact and works every part of the body.

Also, a study analyzing 10,000 people showed that riding a bicycle for at least 20 miles in a week, diminishes your risk of having coronary heart disease almost by half.

Whether you go on a short or a week-long bike tour in the U.S. or Canada, the trip will be unforgettable. Ride the perimeter of Hawaii’s Big Island and visit many of its historic and sacred places; soak up mighty views of two of Canada’s most spectacular parks; bike along the most scenic roads in America; and test your limits along the 125 miles of trails that cut through the Coast Mountains.

Most tours include a lot more than riding – you get to kayak, explore unspoiled inlets and rocky coves, snorkel, and hike.

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