Best City Bike Paths in the U.S.

Investing in a bike if you live in one of these cities is totally worth the money


The number of cyclists is growing rapidly from coast to coast. The National Household Travel Survey showed that the number of reported trips has more than doubled since the first survey, from 1.7 billion in 1990 to 4 billion in 2009.[slideshow:88323]

People who love to commute and stay active on two wheels don’t have to first drive to a park out of town where the bike, and not cars, is the king of the road. Urban areas have adapted and become more bike-friendly.

In addition to maintaining your fitness level, biking in the city is one of the best, and most unique, ways to explore its beauty and secrets. You’ll come across historic trails, canals, monuments, urban parks and recreational areas. 

City bike paths continue to expand, connecting more districts and whole cities, providing an opportunity for the ultimate trip. The Loop in Tucson will one day encompass 131 miles of trail; the Virginia Capital Trail crosses approximately 52 miles, four jurisdictions, and more than 400 years of history along one of the first inland routes in North America; and the Schuylkill River Trail will be a multi-use trail in Southeastern Pennsylvania, with a projected length of almost 130 miles, 60 of which have been finished so far.

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