Most Insane Bike Rides You Don’t Want to Miss

You won't ever be bored on the bike


Many avid bikers dream of conquering a sky high ridge or some of the most difficult and mythical Tour de France climbs.[slideshow:88023]

Whether it’s for the adrenaline rush or the awe-inspiring views, the ride makes the risks coming with it – acute mountain sickness and difficulties breathing because of the extreme heights – worth it.

Daredevil cyclists go for steep, unpaved, rock-lined cliff edges and hairpin turns. Rolls, zigzagging and rocky trails won’t stop them.

After all, driving won’t get you to many stunning places that  mountain biking will. This is just one reason why you should try it. You won’t ever be bored.

Climb the most difficult climb in the world with your bike; see if you can handle one of the steepest ascents regularly raced up by pros, which has appeared more than 10 times in the prestigious Giro d’Italia since 1990; and ride along high alpine meadows, craggy granite peaks, and ancient evergreen forests in Eastern Europe.

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