Best Bike Share Programs in the World

Bike shares around the world have flourished in the past decade, here are some of the very best

To say that bike share programs have taken off in the last year would be a major understatement. In the past decade, bike shares around the world have flourished. [slideshow:81272]

According to recent research published in Transport Reviews, there were only 13 bike-share systems in 2004. That number, in 2014, skyrocketed to 855 programs. Between the years of 2004 and 2014 the number of bike-shares in the world increased by 6,477 percent. Yeah, we had to double check the math too.

With all those programs starting up in the not-so-distant past and constantly expanding (and changing), it’s tough to say which city has the best bike share. It’s easy to point out the biggest—Hangzhou, China with 84,100 bikes takes it—but what makes a bike share the best? We took into account size (relative to city population), convenience, price and the overall bike friendliness of the city. With those statistics in mind, we attempted the difficult task of highlighting 10 of the best bike share programs in the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


approx. 950 bikes/ 53 stations
Population: 3 million
Price: free

Paris, France


approx. 20,600 bikes/ 1,450 stations
Population: 2.24 million
Price: 1.70 EUR for 24-hour pass/ 29 EUR for a year

8 Other Top Bike Share Programs in the World

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