Toughest Bike Climbs in the World

Daredevil cyclists go for steep, unpaved, rock-lined cliff edges and hairpin turns


The cycling mania has taken over. Bicycling participation among Americans is substantially greater than initially thought, according to a study. More than 103 million people in the country ride bikes. More and more turn the mere habit into a recreational sport.

Many avid bikers dream of conquering a sky high ridge or some of the most difficult and mythical Tour de France climbs. Mastering tougher and tougher rides becomes addictive – they are constantly looking for even more epic paths to ride on two wheels. They often seem much easier than they really are.

Daredevil cyclists go for steep, unpaved, rock-lined cliff edges and hairpin turns. Rolls, zigzagging and rocky trails won’t stop them. Preparing for these rides requires a lot more than physical training. They will test your mental strength like nothing else before.

If you’re after torturous bike climbs, then consider the universally renowned as the most difficult climb in the world, the toughest hillclimb on the planet, ride uphill for more than 20 miles with no breaks, and pedal 7,710 vertical feet to the top of a mountain. Oftentimes, the ascents are much higher.

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