6 of the Best Bike Racks for Simple Storage

These mounting options are perfect for people tight on space

Bikes—you can’t live with ‘em, you can’t live without ‘em—or should we say, you can’t live without tripping over them as you try to navigate your living room. This poignant problem really hits home for city-dwellers and obsessive organizers, who don’t have the space (or the patience) to leave bikes lying around. The well-loved transportation option can certainly be one of the biggest storage hassles around—but it doesn’t have to be.

For those of you that love your bikes, but don’t love tripping over them or the scuffs they leave on your walls, it might be time to look into a better storage option. Take a look at these solutions and start seeing your bike as a work of art, not a living room obstacle.

The Bike Valet
This indoor wall mount doubles as an abstract work of art. Made of steel and bent to hold just about any bike, the mount conveniently comes with a hole made for a lock and extra hooks for stashing your other gear. Easy installation and an off-the-floor design make this storage option a great choice.
thebikevalet.co; $98

Bike Rack ‘Trophy’
If your bike is your most prized possession, why not make it official and hang it on the wall using a bike trophy? This storage option doubles as a work of art (and a clothes hanger, apparently) and it’s handmade with soft grips to prevent scratches to the frame.
etsy.com; $162

This just might be the tiniest bike storage solution ever. Small and cost-effective, CLUG is “like a hug for your bike.” The small grip grabs one of the tires while the other remains on the ground. CLUG comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any style bike.
getclug.com; $25

The Bike Shelf
This ultra-elegant storage solution comes in two sizes with two options in wood—either solid walnut or solid hickory. The flat top accommodates books and other belongings, while the carved out center fits the bike frame. Though this option is certainly pricey, it’s also classic and uncluttered.
theknifeandsaw.com; $299

Cycloc Solo
Store your bike either vertically or horizontally with the Solo from Cycloc. Available in several color options, the Solo also has space to hold a few small belongings and features rubber grips for protecting your bike frame.
cycloc.com; $70 (converted from EUR)

Simple Hooks from Your Hardware Store
The big metal hooks covered in plastic are also an option if you’re on a budget and don’t mind screwing it into your wall or ceiling. This cost effective option can be found at your local hardware store or online.

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