Bike Tech Accessories

Bike Tech Accessories

Light and Motion Vis 180 Tail Light

This unique design is a terrific way to stay visible late at night. It not only offers a tail light. but also has sidelights that complete a 180 degree arc of light. Drivers can see you clearly from the rear and the side. The light is easily mounted and has a rechargeable battery pack that you can charge via USB.  
Buy it for $99.95 on Amazon.

Nokia DC-14 Bike Charger Kit

Charge your Nokia cell phone for free as you pedal your bike. This eco-friendly charger kit will start charging at 6 km/h (walking speed). It is easy to install on many different types of bicycles and the rubber mount holds your phone securely so that it is protected from bumpy terrain.
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The Orp Smart Horn

The Orp Smart Horn was created by Tory Orzeck in response to truck and cyclist accidents in Portland, Ore. The accidents were results of cyclists not being seen nor heard as the trucks turned into them. Orzeck decided to make a horn that would be loud enough to alert anyone on the road. As an added bonus, Orp also has an LED light, and both the light and horn are controlled by one big button.
Buy it for $65 at Orpland.

Siva Cycle Atom

The Atom goes even further beyond an eco-friendly charger. Designed as a generator, the Atom can store energy as you pedal, and you can take a fully charged detachable battery to-go. It works as quickly as an in-wall charger would work and can charge any USB compatible device.  Its sleek design mounts perfectly on the back wheel of standard sized bicycles.
Pre-Order it for $99 at Siva Cycle.

Fraunhofer IWM Crash Helmet

The way to keep your head safe, is to keep it smelling fresh. This crash helmet has a unique property added to it to notify you when your helmet is cracked and needs to be replaced. When the helmet cracks a smell leaks from it, and theres no way to avoid it. The smell comes from odoriferous oils enclosed in microcapsules. While this technology is not ready for the public yet, it is sure to leave a stench behind.
Learn more at Fraunhofer.

LifeBEAM SMART Cycling Helmet

Do you want to keep track of your heart-rate without that annoying chest strap? SMART uses an electro-optical technology that continues to measure your heart-rate as you ride. The smart sensor touches your forehead slightly from its placement in the front of the helmet and transmits a signal to the processing unit in the back of the helmet. It holds up against motion and weather, and is an attractive design.
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Blaze Laserlight

This is one cool gadget that every urban cyclist should have. The Blaze Laserlight uses a green laser to project an image of a bicycle ahead of you as you ride, alerting vehicles and pedestrians. It keeps you more visible on the road, and tells others where the light is coming from. It is rechargeable and waterproof. And the bracket is a simple and durable set up that fits most handlebars.
Buy it for $200 at Blaze.

NYNE Cruiser

Rock out to your favorite jams while riding your bike. The NYNE Cruiser is a clip on bike speaker that you can take on-the-go. Connect through Bluetooth, NFC, or an auxiliary input to play whatever you like. You can also recharge your mobile device with the Cruiser’s built-in power bank. Cruise in style with one of the four color combinations, and take hands-free phone calls using the built-in microphone.
Find a store that carries it near you at NYNE.

Polar V650 GPS Bike Computer

Serious gear for the serious cyclist. This GPS does more than just track your ride. It let’s you follow every detail including accurate altitude data, an understanding of your training load and necessary recovery, and instant feedback after your ride. You can also connect it with the Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate and cycling sensors to track your heart rate. Boost your cycling performance with this bike attachable computer.
Look for it coming out in July 2014.


Ride safely with an eye always watching. Rideye is a black box camera for your bike. Accidents are quite common in cities or where there are cars. Rideye will be your witness, protecting you from false claims and will show you exactly what occurred. The BlackBox™ sensors will detect accidents and protect the video evidence. Its easy to use with one-touch operation, and will attach onto any sized handlebars.
Pre-Order it starting at $139.99 at Rideye.