Bike to School, Get Suspended

Staff Writer
Michigan principal disapproves of a 2-wheeled commute

A Michigan high school principal suspended more than 60 seniors yesterday. Why? Had they hazed underclassmen? Vandalized the classrooms? Gotten drunk before class? Nope. They were suspended for riding their bikes to school.

The students, who had organized the last-hurrah cycle parade as a show of class pride, were accompanied by police escort (for safety) and had the town mayor drop by to wish them well and even hand out a few doughnuts. The Kenowa Hills High principal, though, declared their bike commute a prank and suspended the lot from school, banning them from traditional end-of-the-year activities and threatening to stop them from walking at graduation (the school has since backed off).

Guess the principal hadn’t heard that it’s still National Bicycling Month (oh, and that bike commuting is great for all). 

Via ABC.