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Bicycle Benefits Program is out to make a healthier, happier world
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Staying active is good for our health. Commuting via bicycle is great for the environment. Combine the two, and you’re saving the planet, leading a healthier, happier lifestyle, and now, on the way to free goodies.

A company called Bicycle Benefits is out to get the world onto bicycles, and they are doing so in the best way they see fit. Their goal is to increase bicycle traffic by rewarding cyclists. Cycling promotes regular physical activity, non-motorized movement, and with this incentive it will get people out visiting local business without the constant congestion of car traffic and chaos.  

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To do this, Bicycle Benefits has been trying to get local business on board with the reward of new customers, visibility, and free advertising. And within this program, it will make the city a cleaner, less congested place while still encouraging commerce in the community. Their mission is to “shift the transportation paradigm to one that is healthier, more desirable and beneficial to the greater good of small and large communities.”

And Bicycle Benefits is making progress. Thier hope is to create a national program and win-win partnerships with similar-minded organizations. Recently, they visited Portland, ME where many companies where excited for the concept. Spots such as Coast City Comics and Urban Fermentory are starting to give 10% off and some places as much as 20% off your purchase. In Seattle, there are even spots that offer half off beer when it’s raining out.

To get the discounts, all cyclists have to do is buy a stamp-sized Bicycle Benefits sticker for $5 at any participating business. Stick it on a helmet, and whenever you show your helmet at any of these spots, you are given the discount (or in some cases even free things!) There is no expiration, so the sticker will be good for life. These businesses are doing their part in promoting healthier lifestyles, and a healthier planet.

In no time, we hope that Bicycle Benefits is a well-known concept, and that more and more businesses will hop on board. For now check out what local shops participate near you, or try to get your community on board. It’s ideas like this that get our world pedaling in the right direction.


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