Bike Commuter's New Best Friend

Commuter Cuff keeps everything in place and dammage-free

Bike commuters rejoice; the days of greasy, muddy pant legs and tangled shoelaces are over. A homegrown startup out of Boston called Exposed Seam has designed a “StaySharp Commuter Cuff” that will keep pants clean and laces in their place.

The project came about when Jonathan Stark, a Boston commuter, was tired of ruined pants and shoelaces. He enlisted his wife Jenifer’s design experience and together they made the cuff. Despite its name, the cuff isn’t only for commuters. Hikers, travelers and backpackers will find the cuff useful, as it helps keep moisture out and is compact.

According to a press release, both the cuffs and the materials used are made in the U.S. They are designed to be used on the right leg, as that is where the gear is located, but the cuffs can be worn on both sides. And as an added safety feature, the back seam features a reflective trim.

So ditch the chunky unattractive Gators and stop rolling up your dress pants— this is a much better, more fashionable solution.