Bar Mitts, Convertible Jackets and 7 Other Fall Bike Accessories from Fit for Fall Bike Accessories

Fit for Fall Bike Accessories

Bar Mitts, Convertible Jackets and 7 Other Fall Bike Accessories


Whether you decided to start riding your bike in the perfect autumn weather, or you are already a frequent cyclist, here are some awesome pieces of gear you should consider that will make your fall rides even better.


Gloves are great to have as the weather gets cooler. These particular gloves—the Garneau Elite Touch Cycling Gloves will not only keep your hands warm, but they offer built-in padding that will absorb road shock and will decrease your chances of injury.; $45

Bar Mitts

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If gloves just aren’t your style, Bar Mitts are worth checking out. They’re attachments for your handlebars that keep your hands warm and protects them from windy, rainy and snowy weather. They’re great for use well into the winter, too.; $75

Postpump 2.0 Seatpost

This product is a must-have in an emergency. The Postpump 2.0 Seatpost is an air pump that replaces your bike seat and post. You don’t have to ride in fear of being stranded with a flat tire and you don’t have to worry about traveling with a bulky air pump—it’s a win-win.; $50

TransIT Torrent Waterproof Pannier

The pannier attaches to the back of your bike and makes rainy day commuting whole lot less stressful. The exterior of the pannier is waterproof and provides enough room for larger items as well as smaller pockets on the interior for smaller items.; $70

Cygolite Metro 360

The Metro 360 takes its name from the powerful 360 lumens of light it emits. It’s rechargeable via USB and offers a total of six different lighting options, including a day setting, which makes riding safer at all hours.; $85

Novara Patch Kit

Running over debris is a common issue that can create major problems for cyclists. Having a patch kit on hand can help you avoid a major headache. The Novara Patch Kit includes all the necessary items to patch up your bike tire and it’s only $3.; $3

Pearl Izumi ELITE Barrier Convertible Jacket

A lightweight jacket is a great accessory to have when the temperature is just starting to cool down, and this particular convertible model offers zip off sleeves for the warmer days. The Pearl Izumi ELITE Barrier Convertible Jacket is both windproof and waterproof.; $120


A helmet is an essential last resort for safety in cycling and while it’s good to be protected, we all want to look good, too. CLOSCA’s foldable helmet is lightweight and collapses down to less than 50 percent of its original height, making it an easy choice for commuters. The chic appearance doesn’t hurt either.

See more information on the foldable helmet here; $80


This tiny storage solution is a convenient way to store your bike around your home or office. CLUG is an attractive and inexpensive way to keep your bike out of the way without scuffing your walls. The company is said to be finalizing and shipping their product this month.

See more information on CLUG here