Beyond Via Ferrata: Helihiking British Columbia

Beyond Via Ferrata: Helihiking British Columbia

Every CMH helihiking experience commences with a drop-off in an otherwise inaccessible spot in British Columbia's Purcell Range.

One of the crux sections of the via ferrata involves this swinging footbridge. It hangs several hundred feet above the chasm at the foot of the spires summit.

The final push up Mount Nimbus entails serious exposure on a corner of the mountain's crowning spire.

The via ferrata culminates with a 150-foot, free-hanging rappel off the backside of Mount Nimbus.

The Conrad Glacier Experience includes several crossings of the glaciers roaring outflow, Conrad Creek. Some are by zipline.

...while others entail a Wallenda-esque crossing via Burma bridge, a single cable span. Hikers can grab cable handrails and are securely tethered to an overhead cable.

Thanks to perfect placement of iron rungs, the ascent of walls is like climbing a 200-foot ladder.

The hike/climb to the mouth of Conrad Glacier includes interludes of relative tranquility, such as this hike along a knife-edge ridge.

The ascent of a big wall at the mouth of the Conrad Glacier.

This sheer pitch will culminate on a plateau high above Conrad Glacier.

The final push up the wall that flanks the mouth of Conrad Glacier.

After multiple river crossings, a series of rung-assisted big-wall pitches and several ledge traverses, we reached a plateau above Conrad Glacier where we waited for a helicopter to ferry us back to the lodge.